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Download the LAW UPDATE - January 2009 .


  • A lease contract may be terminated without judicial intervention if so stipulated
  • Validity of forfeiture clauses in lease contracts
  • Validity of forfeiture clauses in lease contracts
  • General Information Sheet not conclusive proof of ownership of share
  • Prima facie evidence of stock ownership
  • Project employee when regular
  • Burden of proof on the twin notices of termination
  • Degree of diligence of druggist
  • Permissible job contracting vs. labor-only contracting
  • Permissible job contracting; when present

Download the LAW UPDATE - January 2009.

This Law UPDATE is only a general review of the subjects covered and does not constitute an opinion or legal advice. Parties affected or otherwise interested in any of the subjects may get in touch with us. Past issues and general information about our firm can be found at our website: www.platonmartinez.com. Atty. Jovian Jubert S. Dumlao reported for this issue.

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